Wood Finishing Lacquers

Wood floor lacquer, also referred to as varnish, is polyurethane floor seal that protects the floor by forming a protective layer on top the wood.  There are several different brands and types of lacquers available not the market but we use the “Junkers” brand. 

We use a hard wearing lacquer which is really hard wearing and comes in different sheen or shine levels. Starting at ultra matt which has pretty much no shine gives a pretty much natural no shine look. Matt has a small amount of a shine Level and gives a natural look but with a bit of shine. Silk matt is the most common sheen level we use and gives a decent shine but is not over shiny. Gloss really is quite shiny and I am not a huge fan as it makes the floor look a bit false and scratches will show up more because of the high reflection from the floor. 

For more  high traffic areas we would use a 2 part lacquer which again is an extra cost but well worth it to get better wear out of the wood floor for commercial or high footfall areas. This 2 part lacquer is suited to gym halls, dance floors and any commercial ares with high footfall. Also domestically with a busy house with animals it would be of use.  

Matt Lacquer

Silk Matt Lacquer


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