How to clean a wooden floor.

Light cleaning

  1. Use a flat dust mop to sweep the floor of any loose dust or dry soiling on the floor. Pick up with dustpan and brush.

  2. Use the spray mop function with correctly diluted neutral floor cleaner to lightly spray and clean the main soiled areas.

  3. After finished always wash flat mop head in the washing machine.

Deep cleaning

  1. Use a flat dust mop, a tub vacuum cleaner (like a Henry) or an upright vacuum cleaner on hard floor mode so the rotating brush wont scratch the floor to get rid of dry soiling.

  2. Using a microfibre mop head, a full bucket of hot water and properly diluted neutral floor cleaner, fully wring out the mop using minimal cleaning water, not to over wet the floor.

  3. Open windows to speed up drying time.

  4. Always wash mop heads in the washing machine after each use.

Other ways to keep your floors looking great

  • Use a coarse coir mat outside your front and back door
  • Use a softer internal door mat
  • Take off outside shoes
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Use quality felt pads under all furniture and replace every few months
  • Ensure pot plants don’t get overwatered as overspill if unnoticed can be permanent
  • Be very careful cleaning ovens as this caustic cleaner may permanently mark the floor
  • Don’t wipe floors with magic sponges
  • Steam cleaners are damaging to ALL floors so please don’t use
  • We also sell new wood floors 

Below is a link to some cleaning mops


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