Hardwood Floor Refinishing Glasgow

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Glasgow

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professional hardwood floor rerfinishing glasgow specialists.

So your cherished expensive hardwood floor is now a few years old and starting to show signs of wear and tear! Its time to use our Hardwood floor refinishing Glasgow service!

Just give us a message or call and we can lovingly sand your hardwood floor back to how good it looked when you had it laid a few years ago

Put your feet up, We will do it all the hard work for you.

Were you thinking of hiring a machine and giving it a go yourself? I have seen the videos on youtube and it looks easy, but trust me it’s not as easy as it looks. 

Take the stress out of getting your hardwood floors refinished as we use our state of the area equipment and we also take away the mess too.

wood floor sanding glasgow

Were you contemplating hiring a machine and doing it yourself?

Can you imagine hauling this 100kg machine around all day. Our professionals are fully trained and have the right techniques to get your hardwood floors sanded and refinished like new.

Hardwood floor refinishing Glasgow Gallery


finished in silk matt junkers lacquer


finished with Woca diamond active oil


staining oak with Morrells light oak stain colour


mahogany and wenge finished with silk matt junkers lacquer

What's my next steps to get my hardwood floor refinishing Glasgow sanded?

1. Arrange a quotation

Get in touch through email or call and we can arrange a time to come out and look and your hardwood floors. Contact form.

2. Agreeing to go ahead

Thats great! We can get a time to suit and tell you how long the job will take and what to expect. Gallery of changing your floor colour

3. Sanding day

The guys will come and introduce themselves and give you more information on timings on when your floors will be finished and ready to put furniture back.

4. After the jobs complete

The guys will give you cleaning tips and also a floor cleaning solution. We will email you our cleaning guide and invoice and then you pay when you are 100% happy.

Our Mission.

We want to be the best flooring company in Scotland

We want to give the best service throughout your restoration of your hardwood floors.Through all the stages we want to give our best performance to make your experience with us a happy one.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Alastair Imray



Operations Manager

Sharon Dunn

Sales Manager

Craig Bone

Head Technician

Joseph Currie


Josh Thomson


Kalin Gerganov

Floor fitting technician

Chris O'Neill


Some of our happy clients

we work for them

Here are some of our happy commercial clients we have done work for throughout the years

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