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Floor Sanding Glasgow

Are you looking for a floor sanding Glasgow professional company to sand your wooden floors and refinish to a high standard you will love! If so then Avoca Floorcare are the professionals to bring your wooden floors back to their former glory. Through using our state of the art, and very heavy belt sanding machine we can sand out deep scratches to get the wooden floor flat and rid of all defects. Then we go through the grits with our finishing machine to get the floor nice and smooth. Edges are sanded with 3 types of machine which will guarantee the edges are as fine a finish as the rest of the floor. Click here if you wish to buy new wooden floors.
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Pine Sanding Glasgow

We sand a lot of original pine wooden floors which had more of structional quality when older properties were built but pine floors are increasingly popular to be sanded. We also stain a lot of pine floors and there are dozens of different colours of stain you can finish the floor with. After the floor is sanded its finished off with 3 coats of a hard wearing lacquer.
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floor sanding glasgow

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Oak Floor Sanding Glasgow

Oak wooden floors, whether solid or engineered are a beautiful addition to any home. To keep them looking in great condition every now and again they will need re sanded and re finished. With lacquering it forms a strong polyurethane protection which will protect the wood topically on the surface. Finishing the floor in oil will help protect from within the oak and you can top up the oil yourself without needn’t to pay a professional to do it.
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oiling an oak floor,Wood floor sanding Glasgow

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